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Threely's Super Layer helps you build frictionless, user-friendly Web3 product experiences that put blockchain complexities behind the scenes. Join 50+ leaders using Threely to make their decentralized applications flawless.
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Web2 to Web3.
Fluent dApp onboarding and KYC.

Onboard users to your dApp without the friction point of connecting a wallet and increase conversion by 64%. 🔐 Auth securely using decentralized logins with Threely. Automatic user wallet creation and zkKYC across chains tailored to your dApp.
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Universal Web3🦄 Identities

Blockchain agnostic universal identities and profile pages that can be used across Web3. Branded, hyper-local identities for your users, community, DAOs, NFTs, teams, frens, contracts, causes, and more.
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Super layer

Bringing the world of Web3 together.

Threely’s Super Layer is a plug-and-play, layer-0, blockchain-agnostic, data transportation, storage, and computation infrastructure framework.
Threely's cross-chain communication

Cross-chain communication.

Broadcast on-chain messages, alerts and notifications your users. Enabling low-code, chain-agnostic data transportation experience to Threely Companion, core partner blockchains, infrastructure dApps and wallets while retaining a set-and-forget developer experience.
Threely request and recurring payments

Request &
Recurring Payments

On-chain, blockchain agnostic transaction requests directly to user end-point. Frictionless point-of-sale transactions to eliminate end-user effort and blockchain complexities.

Web3’s first recurring payments infrastructure. Truly on-chain and blockchain agnostic. Coming Q2 23.
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Decentralized Profiled Analytics

Study users in-the-moment as they engage with your dApp. Develop a deeper understanding of their needs with qualitative and quantitative data of the dApps they interact with in the world of Web3. Coming Q2 23.
Effortless cross-chain communication using Threely enables the first-ever, end-user cross-chain data exchange service. Sending transactions from Chain A to B, messaging from Chain X to Y, requesting payments from Chain C to D - anything is possible, and now, accessible to anybody.

Security Models

The Super Layer is built on an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) fork that is encrypted, immutable, and decentralized. The SL used to communicate data across EVMs and blockchains to serve decentralized functions.
Quantum resistant TweetNaCl symmetric and asymmetric encryption
Scalable, sub-millisecond and zero-fee data transport
Active protection against common attack types
On-chain TX/meta data requests
Real-Time, on-chain alerts & monitoring
Automatic non-custodial wallet creation
Organizational permission management of wallets and contracts
Secure Identification and protection from phishing

Fortune 100 or 100 friends. Build Web3’s best user-experience.