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About Threely

Excited about the future of the internet and Threely’s place in it.

As a blockchain infrastructure, Threely strives to be amongst the top infrastructure enablers in the community that shapes the next version of the internet—Web 3, by providing simplicity, fluency, and ease-of-use for everyone who interacts with it across the space.
The narrative.
The barrier to entry is incredibly high in Web3. There’s an unforgiving learning curve, and with so much noise to be cluttered with, how can we expect novice users to enter the Web3?  We work day in and day out to create the infrastructure that builds an accessible web3 with a goal to reach the day when those same people can enter the space confidently and with the utmost fluency.

We want to establish ourselves as a deeply embedded facilitator of growth in Web3. By offering our products to the industry, we make it easier for projects to scale and most importantly, users to be onboarded into the space fluently.
Our ultimate vision.
Threely doesn’t only envision a future where Web3 can be accessible to all - we build for it. We are breaking barriers and building products to enable a fluent and intuitive Web3 where users feel right at home.



Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, considered the number '3' as the perfect number. The number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. The number of time - past, present, future; birth, life, death – '3' the number of the divine.

The triangle, the strongest shape found in nature, also, originates from the number '3'.

Leaping into Web3, '3'is the number we most align with - which you'll see throughout Threely.