The story of how we got started on Threely

Threely was started with the mission to make blockchain accessible to anybody.
Our story starts 3 years ago - Strap in.

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Feb 2019
Parth, with a bunch of people at the bank he worked with, built Threely Wallet. Yes, a wallet. Think, the most user-friendly crypto wallet ever.
Threely Wallet in 2018.
April 2019
After sleepless nights and 25 hour work days - we built and announced Threely Wallet at the World Blockchain Summit in Taipei, Taiwan.

We made tremendous progress - Partnered with a Swiss bank. Launched at WBS. Had thousands of users waitlisted.

Threely Wallet at the World Blockchain Summit, Taipei, Taiwain in 2019.
Aug 2021

We identified that we have a bigger problem to solve - It's not just crypto transactions that struggle, but the whole Web3.

We restructured the underlying architecture of the wallet and turned it into what it is today.

Parth Bhalla, founder and CEO of Threely.

“Web3 UX is a mess and my grandma can't use it. Threely will make Web3 the most intuitive and accessible it's ever been.”

Parth Bhalla, founder of Threely

Oct 2021
🏆 The grand pivot - Threely turns into a Web3 Infrastructure company.

Opened doors to hundreds of opportunities. An infrastructure model enables us to help everybody across the space and empower blockchain tech in ways much needed.



Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, considered the number '3' as the perfect number. The number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. The number of time - past, present, future; birth, life, death – '3' the number of the divine.

The triangle, the strongest shape found in nature, also, originates from the number '3'.

Leaping into Web3, '3'is the number we most align with - which you'll see throughout Threely.

Jan 2022
Pitched the new-look Threely to the world. Shared with our friends and tons of people in the space.

We onboarded our first cohort of enterprise clients and opened our waitlist for businesses. ✅ Validated tens of use-cases and built hundreds of relationships.

Mar 2022
🪄🔥 Reserve your Threely Address

Users can now reserve Threely addresses. Their soon-to-be identities for web3.

Started fostering relations with angels and web3 VC funds as we move forward towards Threely's strategic pre-seed funding round.

Q3 2022
🚀 Threely launches
Launch of Threely for end-users and businesses.

Threely will be launched in phases demographically. We aim to integrate Threely into more than 150+ enterprises on day one.

Throughout the next 2 quarters, we will roll out groundbreaking features and expand support to 400+ enterprises.

Q4 2022
Threely weekends, hackerhouses, bootcamps, meetups, grants and more.

Going all-in to spread the word and foster meaningful relations across the globe. Alongside partaking and organizing Web3 events, we also plan to launch a grant system and DAOs to support builders utilizing Threely in their platforms.

Q1 2023
🔐 Enter launches
Launch of Enter - Auth with Threely

Utilizing our existing network of enterprises, we will roll out Enter - enabling users of Threely to login, sign up and authorize onto blockchain apps with just their Threely addresses.

Q2 2023
💸PAY launches
Launch of Pay - On-chain requests

Enabling end-users and businesses to request payments and transactions, natively on-chain.

Q2 2023
🛡️ Safe launches
Launch of Safe - Privacy on-chain

Enabling you to truly mask your on-chain assets. More info to come.

Today, Threely is run by six dedicated builders with the same mission - make Web3 fluent and accessible to all. Roadmaps are boring, we hope we changed your view on them.
The Vision
Threely doesn’t only envision a future where Web3 can be accessible to all - we build for it. We are building products that enable a fluent and intuitive Web3 where users feel at home.

The barrier to entry is incredibly high in Web3 . There’s an unforgiving learning curve, and with so much noise to be cluttered with, how can we expect novice users to enter the Web3?  We work day in and day out to create the infrastructure that builds an accessible web3 with a goal to reach the day when those same people can enter the space confidently and with the utmost fluency.

We want to establish ourselves as a deeply embedded facilitator of growth in Web3. By offering our products to the industry, we make it easier for projects to scale and most importantly, users to be onboarded into the space fluently.