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No more blockchain hashes. Communicate meaning with your product, not gibberish.

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Users in the space struggle to identify and classify blockchain addresses/hashes. Transactions fail to provide fluency to adopters and are inconvenient to novice users. Threely drastically bridges that gap by providing an identity to blockchain addresses, making interacting remarkably convenient. Threely can be understood as DNS for blockchain. Threely shortens long blockchain addresses into short three-word addresses containing meaningful words.

Threely Identifier is part of the core infrastructure at Threely. Both end-users and businesses are connected with Threely's ecosystem using the Identifier layer. We have specifically tailored this page towards dApps, products, and enterprises to provide more clarity on the specifications and areas of implementation of the Identifier in relation to business use-cases.



Below are some of the technical specifications of the Identifier. We will continue to add more details, and existing details are subject to change as development takes its course.

  • L1 and L2 Blockchain agnostic. Supporting 350+ blockchains on day one.
  • Resolves blockchain hashes - wallet addresses, smart contract IDs, token IDs, and DAO addresses. Supporting more hashes are on the roadmap, including IPFS and Arweave DIDs.


Areas of Implementation

Explore some of the common use-cases of Threely Identifier. Threely has identified more than 20 use-cases, across 10 industries within web3 - we encourage you get in touch to brainstorm implementation tailored to your project.

  • Enable a fluent, secure, and identifiable experience across your platform by eliminating gibberish hashes.
  • Easier identification and personalization of contracts like NFTs and digital assets across platforms.
  • Provide short and memorable addresses to your interaction end-points, deposit addresses, daos and more.
  • Risk mitigation for incorrect wallet address-based transaction disputes.
  • Fluent Internal management of blockchain hashes.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Can you tailor Threely to my use-case and stack?

We are at work every day to implement and cater to as many industries as possible. The infrastructure that we have built at Threely is truly flexible at its core, and the chances are very high that Threely will support your use case - whatever stack you are on.

How is Threely Integrated and how long does it take?

We offer Threely's infrastructure as APIs and packages to businesses. Our immediate solutions are largely APIs that integrate into your platform. The integration is very straightforward and accessible to anybody. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to get started with Threely on your platform.

Who can use Threely?

We offer Threely to everybody - developers, projects, and businesses of any stage and even people who would like to experiment and explore our technology. You can quickly get started with Threely without having to go through massive licensing and integration processes.

Will there be a beta? When can I test this?

All our solutions will have private alphas and betas on test nets a few months before launch. We will announce them a few months prior to the product launch - keep a lookout in the newsroom.