The most fluent Web3 has ever been.

Payments being requested on blockchain using ThreelySecurity alerts from Threely.Threely addressesYour identity for web3.

User journey in Web3 is a mess.

Imagine you just turned 8. What’s the first thing you're doing to access the opportunities across the internet? Create a Gmail account; because that’s how you’re connected to everything in Web2.

That β€˜first step’ in Web3 is a mess. Download Metamask? What if that one game supports Solana? Download Solana wallet? Oh, now you want to buy something with Bitcoin - let's get a BTC wallet too. It's a mess.


Threely - gateway to a fluent web3

Universal Identity
Blockchain agnostic
The most intuitive UX ever
Encrypted and decentralized
On-chain payment requests
Smart security alerts
dApp access control and revoking
Use anywhere on the web

Your identity for web3.

Go beyond wallets.

Threely isn't a wallet - it's your companion for web3. No need to manage different wallets and addresses. Threely is your universal Web3 identity - your email, bank, username, and whatever you want it to be. It’s free to use - as an identity should be.
Build your profile on Web3, accept payments, send requests, and use Threely across the whole Web3, thanks to our open ecosystem. Go beyond wallets.

The power of blockchain agnostic.

Make Threely your first and Β last wallet for Web3. Threely supports thousands of blockchain networks. Import, link, create, delete - anything - anytime. No restrictions.

Link infinite blockchain wallets, contracts, nfts and daos to your Threely address - or let us πŸͺ„create 'em for you.

Link multiple wallets, NFTs and DAOs to your Threely address
Security alerts from Threely.Security alert reminder in Threely application

Peace of mind security.

Nobody has control over your data. Moreover, on Threely's infrastructure, your data is encrypted, immutable, and distributed. See the tech.
No need to worry about seed phrases, private keys, human-error, and socially-engineered hacks. 🚨 We'll warn you if something is off. No more bad experiences.

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Reserve your short, human-friendly Threely address. Link infinite wallets, nfts, contracts and daos to Threely – build and use your web3 identity anywhere.